Bobcat Hill Preview


afterrain viewmorning forrich rockwash
In the morning, after the rain, from the camp/home site.
Home site view after clearing dead cholla. Meadow to be improved.
This one's for Rich W.
Stone wash at the Northwest corner.

dump road wild2 wildflowers
Roadbuilding 1.
Roadbuilding 2.
A wildflower I've yet to identify.
A nice mini-meadow of the same wildflowers.
friendly unfriendly magic openrange
A Friendly Roadrunner in camp.
A very UNfriendly Western Diamondback (Coontail) Rattler.
Magic the Llama.
Open range horses.
cm-2004-0501-72a cm-2004-0501-79 p9060314
A nice night in May, 2004.
Initial tree trimming for the road work. May '04.
September, 2004.


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